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Some Entertainment for you...

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Music and Edu-tainment for your Mind...

This station brings the perfect opportunity for listeners to wind down and get ready to ring in the weekend. Whether you’re into music or talk shows, WBFR provides listeners with an opportunity to enjoy original, high-quality content every single week. Tune in and discover why our listeners refuse to miss WBFR Black Funk Radio.

WBFR Presents "The Spotlight"...

While it seems like society is wild and chaotic these days, WBFR Black Funk Radio presents "The Spotlight" to shine our light on Entrepreneurs, Entertainers and Events to help you shift your mind from the Chaos to something more pleasant. On "The Spotlight" we bring you people who can give you inspiration and things to think about to uplift your chain of thought. This segment is designed with you in mind. We want you to know that there are some positive people in the communities and we would like to have them give their light to you through communication.

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